Education for Sustainability


Hello! My name is Oli Perrins and Welcome to Permaculture Pioneers.

Education is at a turning point in history. With unprecedented changes of climate; extinction of flora and fauna and increasing susceptibility to epidemics, forward thinking educators and pupils must begin to work together to create sustainable solutions.

Permaculture provides an exciting design framework that opens up huge opportunities for creative, collaborative projects that will inspire young people to get started right now on living lives and learning in ways that will help to protect ourselves and our planet for future generations.

In Primary Special Needs Education we are developing an Organic garden to engage pupils with Autism. Through this project activities are being developed to highlight how many areas of an adapted National Curriculum for England & Wales can be delivered more effectively in a Natural environment than in traditional classrooms. For more information see our page at Haymerle School 

In Training and Employment we are also developing business models embracing the principles of “Produce No Waste” and “Embrace and Value the Marginal”. This manifests in Polyculture Books, a secondhand book company which provides extremely valuable social and work experience for our wonderful colleague “The Aspie Book Lady” whilst promoting literacy and social cohesion.

We are currently looking to develop and test educational projects with Primary, Secondary and Further Education establishments. Permaculture by nature provides an incredible way of uniting all areas of the curriculum in a meaningful and holistic manner, and developing projects inevitably gives strong emphasis on the sciences, Geography, Information Technology and Applied mathematics. Developing, Presenting and delivering projects will inherently develop many key literacy skills whilst building self confidence, teamwork dynamics and critical thinking.


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